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  • What was it he did when he wanted them to go in a certain direction? He d mastered a multitude of different languages, some now extinct, played many different musical instruments, studied with world renown scholars and lived and traveled all over the world.
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    You may be pretty but you got a lot to learn. Suddenly, his thoughts were violently interrupted by a powerful alluring feeling that enraptured his whole body like an electrical current.

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    He took her hand and pulled her close, just follow my lead. Gulping, he said, It s not what it looks like.
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  • Miriam hurried to Megan and took the spatula and set it in the sink. Once he paid for their train tickets, they sat on a wooden bench and waited for the train to arrive.
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    She wasn t sure if this was normal when you give yourself to someone or not. Regret stabbed him with a force that threatened to take his breath away. It was never a reality to her on how he felt.

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    For some reason, they d seem so far removed that they were just names on paper. His eyes held such warmth in their depths that she could quite easily just stare at him all day. Why do you not give it a go? he suggested mildly, rekindling her ire.

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    Once he and Megan went back to the train, they d figure out a way back home. She backed up against the wall at the head of the bed; her eyes wide with terror. Copyright 2009 Ruth Ann Nordin V1.0 ISBN 1448607493 EAN-139781448607495 Cover Photo Copyright Shutterstock Images LLC.

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  • He pulled her up next to him so her head rested on his shoulder. She looked like a baby deer cowering in the brush. Esther sat on his left and Megan sat on his right.

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    It took a few moments for Michael to realize that he had just been insulted. She watched the women set the tray on a nearby table and gave her a respectable nod as she turned to leave. She wore an olive green dress that showed no form to her figure with black stockings.

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